Android 12 | Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 New Features

The Android OS just got renewed. Android 12 is out and here's everything you need to know about Android 12 New Features. Over the years, from cupcake to pie, the Android Operating system has made using mobile phones easy

Over the years, from cupcake to pie, the Android Operating system has made using mobile phones easier with every update. The pre-historic release of Android 1 back in 2008 did not create much fuss because the world was obsessed with blackberry phones back then. The results were unexpected as the people did not receive the Android too well.

Since then, it has been a long and not so bumpy ride for Android. While the initial version was not successful, the later versions gradually started to rule the world of smartphones. From that basic Android 1 to the latest version, Android 12, Google has done everything possible to give the users more features and benefits. Android 12 does keep up to the words of Lary Page, “ the goal is to provide more than needed”.

Android 11 is the best version of Android so far, that is if you don’t count the 12 BETA. It has all the enhanced features one can ask for and more. It might be hard to move on. If you like Android 11 and want to stick with it, read till the end and I am quite sure you will change your mind.

Android 12 | Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 New Features

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Say Hi to Android 12!

While Android 11 focused on better privacy and security, Android 12 has improved EVERYTHING. Since the introduction of Android 5: Lollipop back in 2014, Android 12 is the biggest overhaul of the entire OS, taken on by something called The Material You.

Material You give a totally new feel and experience. The new designs are not just limited to system apps but it stretches out to google services on the web and apps on your phones. Not only that, it allows you to do whatever you want to with your device. You can customize the palette and other elements of the interface’s appearance. Why will you get to have all the fun? The OS will splash colors and textures of its own too- what I mean by that is the system will create personalized themes based on your wallpaper colors and throw them flying out of nowhere.

Wait, don’t leave, it doesn’t end here. If you worry about your privacy and security on an Android device, you don’t have to anymore. The update provides you more control over the data consumption of various apps and how much information can the apps access. It has a new isolation section for the system which allows the system’s features to operate thoroughly without any data connection.

Android 12 | Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 New Features

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If you like to mess around with the looks of the system like me, the renewed Android’s widget system will give you a good time. And lastly, Android 12 has a number of business-aimed improvements. It focuses on better password management and certificate management.

How To Get The Android 12 Beta

The Android 12 Beta is available on Google’s Pixel devices ( for Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 5) and on the partnered devices. You can update your device to Android 12 Beta but there are some catches. If you want to update it right now, you will have to update your device manually. It is recommended for developers and content creators only. If you are a regular user, I strongly suggest that you wait for the official release of Android 12.

When is android 12 coming out?

The official release of the Android 12 is scheduled for August.

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When is android 12 coming out? How To Get The Android 12 Beta

The top official partner brands of Android 12 are Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Some smaller companies like Sharp, Tecno, TCL, and ZTE, made the cut too. You might have noticed that Samsung is not mentioned above. No, it’s not a mistake, Samsung and Google are going separate ways from now.

That’s Android 12 for you in short. I, like all of you, cannot wait for its release in August. Stay tuned for more updates. For now, adios.

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