Banana Peel for Skin: Why One Must Rub On The Arm?

You can utilize banana peel for diverse purposes! What can banana peel do for your skin? Banana peel for wrinkles, Banana skins to whiten teeth, Banana skin on arm: Banana peel for skin

Banana is useful for considerably more than simply fulfilling your appetite. They’re delicious, healthy, and loaded with nutrients, and they can give your mood a lift. The banana is the incredibly prevalent fruit on the planet & gets consumed everywhere on the globe.

Banana Peel for Skin: Why One Must Rub On The Arm?

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After consuming this sweet fruit, we, as a rule, toss out its peel; however, it’s far better to store it from here on out. You can utilize banana peels for huge loads of diverse purposes! The following are largely the things you can utilize the banana peel for:


The antioxidants in the banana peel can do some amazing things for your skin. Rub your face with inner peel and wait for thirty minutes prior to completely washing your face. After some time, you’ll observe you will not have as many wrinkles!


Got a mole? Prior to resting, set a piece of a banana peel on top of the mole and cover this with a bandage. Replicate this trick each night, and the mole will tumble off of its own accord. It’ll save up a visit to the medic, and it’s painless also.


Do you’ve high cholesterol? Try including the banana peel in your eating regimen. It may sound bizarre, yet the peel encompasses supplementary fibers than the fruit itself. Eating the peel can likewise help forestall cardiovascular infections.


Indeed, you read that correctly: the inner of a banana peel can whiten your teeth! Fortunately, you don’t have to chew the peel to acquire the ideal impact. The most straightforward activity is to rub the inner of the peel onto your teeth. Do this consistently, and you’ll get outcomes after fourteen days already.


Are you one of those individuals who consistently get nibbled by mosquitos? At that point, this tip will be ideal for you. All you want is the banana peel. Rub this onto the mosquito bites, and the irritation will die down immediately!

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Various Other Usages Of Banana Peels

There are a couple of individuals who don’t enjoy bananas. It is brimming with nutrients, trace elements, nourishing, and on the condition that it wouldn’t be sufficient, bananas are scrumptious & sweet. Banana is the element of numerous good food sources as well.

Actually, it is regularly utilized for cosmetic purposes, by which need to feel the great impacts of bananas on their skin. However, what about the banana peel? Normally winds up in the junk, correct? There are, in any case, numerous usages of banana peel that you might have never considered. Here are the top few of these:

Natural Fly Trap

Spring at that point summer is imminent, which is the best and ideal opportunity for garden parties. We as a whole adore them with the exception of one minimal irritating thing: the flies. To get them, you can create a trap prepared for natural fixings. All you will require is an enormous yogurt cup, banana skin, a mallet also a nail.

Make openings at the base of the yogurt cup with the mallet & nail, set the banana inside, roll it over, and place it close to the food that you are attempting to shield. Flies will slip into the sweet scent in the holes; however, it is extremely unlikely out of the yogurt cup.


Chicken cooked on the grill is extremely delicious and nourishing; nonetheless, in the event that you need to make it extra nutritious, you ought to take its skin off. Thusly, anyway, the meat stays unguarded over the heat & fire also can dry out straightforwardly.

In case you conceal the chicken with banana peel, it shields the meat from drying out. The banana peel will essentially fill in as the skin would.


On the condition that the bugs show up in the nursery, it is smarter to dispose of them out at the earliest opportunity and potentially in a usual manner. Make an opening about 2.5 cm deep underneath the plants; at that point, place 2-3 banana peels in it.

Aphids & ants will detect the potassium substance of the banana and consume them rather than the plants. You can replicate the cycle each subsequent week to ensure that your plants remain secured.


Would you like to bake a speedy and appetizing cake; however, you have effectively utilized every one of the bananas you had at the household? Forget about it! Prepare a cake from its peel. You simply require setting the banana peels and 1/2 cup of water in a blender plus mixing until you get a sweet-smelling, smooth, dark brown colored mush.

In a different bowl, blend egg yolks, margarine, and sugar until merged, insert the banana skin purée, flour, baking powder, and blend well. Finally, prepare the egg whites and delicately fold them over into the blend, pour everything in a cake pan & bake for about 45 minutes — or until the cake finishes the toothpick test.

Note: on the condition that you cook food or prepare a drink of the banana peel, eternally ensure it is natural and comes from where no synthetic substances are utilized.

Crazy Benefits of Banana Peel

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Banana peel on forehead: To treat headaches and migraines

Your fruit basket is an excellent natural remedy for migraines. Headaches can be relieved by placing a banana peel on the forehead and back of your neck. The potassium in the banana peel is responsible for this.

  • Place the banana peel in the freezer and let it sit for at least an hour.
  • One line of the peel should be applied to your forehead and one to the back.
  • It can be left on until it gets warm.
  • If you have headaches, repeat the process with other cold peels.

Banana peel facial: Reduce the appearance of acne

Banana peels are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. They also have potassium, zinc, and iron. These nutrients can soothe inflamed skin and help reduce the incidence of acne. Banana peels also contain lutein, carotenoids, and other fat-soluble compounds that can help combat inflammation and prevent future breakouts.

Adult acne can be severe; you may think you have gotten over your awkward teenage years. But then you awake in your mid-to-late twenties, and a giant, inflamed, middle-school-Esque pimple appears on your forehead, nose, or chin.

These steps are easy:

  • Use a small amount of banana peel to rub the area. Leave it for five to ten minutes until the skin turns brown.
  • Your skin absorbs the vitamins and nutrients as it dries; it lasted about 30 minutes. Then wash it with warm water. It can be left on overnight and then washed in the morning.
  • Rinse your skin.
  • Repeat this process 2 to 3 times per day.

This trick can be used even if you don’t have any pimples; I tried it on some scars near my jawline and chin and saw great results in just a few days.

Why does this work?

Banana peels contain a lot of antioxidants, including lutein which can help protect skin from sun damage. They also contain esterified fat acids that have been isolated and incorporated into an Exorex lotion, which is used to treat eczema or psoriasis.

Banana Peels: Benefits and Uses

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What can banana peels do for your skin?

Banana peel on arm: Relieve itchy skin

Banana peels are high in histamine, which can lower the nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

  • Apply the banana skin to the area.
  • It should be left on for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure for any other affected areas.

The oils and enzymes will be absorbed by your skin, making it easier to remove the splinter.

Banana peel for skin: Reduce scarring

Is banana Peel good for your skin?

Banana peels can reduce irritation and redness in the skin. These banana peels also contain esterified fat acids, which have been isolated and incorporated in lotions that minimize scarring.

  • Apply the banana peel to the affected area.
  • You can leave for as little as an hour or longer.
  • Do this daily.

Banana peel for wrinkles: Reduce wrinkles

It’s essential to love yourself as you are, but it’s also important to strive for your best self. Your skin will be healthier and more likely to show wrinkles and fine lines. The skin loses its elasticity, and firmness can cause facial wrinkles. Bananas are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that can reduce wrinkle appearance.

  • For a natural at-home facial, lightly rub the banana peel on your skin using the inside of the banana peel.
  • Allow the oil and banana residue to dry on your skin for at least 30 minutes. Then, wash it off with warm running water.
  • Moisten your skin with a moisturizer.
  • Repeat this three times per week.

This beauty routine will make your skin look smoother, tighter, and healthier if you do it regularly. You can use banana peels to reduce puffiness, just like cucumber slices and tea bags.

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Is banana skin good for your skin: Moisturize dry skin

are bananas good for your skin?

Dry skin can be a result of acne. You can massage dry skin gently with a banana peel, in addition to drinking lots of water; this is an effective and safe treatment for those with eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions. You don’t have to worry about your skin being exposed to harsh chemicals such as preservatives and parabens.

Banana skin on arm: Heal a bruise

People believe that holding the banana peel inside against a bruise can accelerate the healing process and make it fade faster. It’s likely because the banana peel contains a polysaccharide compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Tape the banana peel over the bruise and allow it to rest for 20-30 minutes or overnight.

Whiten your teeth: Clean your teeth with banana peel

Professional teeth whitening is expensive. At-home teeth whitening kits can make your teeth extremely sensitive.

The potassium in banana peels is very high, which can reduce yellow stains from certain beverages like tea or coffee.

  • Rinse your teeth with water and brush your teeth.
  • For 2 minutes, take the banana peel inside and rub your teeth with it.
  • Rinse your teeth again and do this daily.

The peel is safe because it contains citric acid, a natural astringent, salicylic acid, and manganese.

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Banana Skin can Heal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, while common, are embarrassing and often painful. Inflamed or irritated blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum can cause bleeding and pain.

  • You can blend a banana peel with one tablespoon of witch hazel in a blender to make your own hemorrhoid paste.
  • Place a clean bandage on the affected area and soak it in the banana mixture.
  • Repeat this procedure two times daily if there are any outbreaks.

Combining the peel with witch hazel, which is a natural astringent and peel helps to reduce swelling and pain while also keeping the area clean.

Banana skin Polish your sterling silver

A banana peel can clean silver that has lost its luster and/or tarnished. A banana peel’s interior contains potassium and oils, which can help clean metal objects.

  • Place the banana peels in a blender.
  • Mix in half a cup water.
  • Mix until it forms a paste
  • For a few moments, rub the paste on your silver.

You can make dull silver shine again with banana peels without using toxic or harsh chemicals.

Banana peel Polish Your Shoes

You don’t need to let a professional shine your shoes. Instead, rub the inside of a banana peel on your shoes.

After polishing your shoes, use a clean cloth to wipe them off.

The peel’s potassium and waxy properties help reduce water damage as well as scuff marks. A banana can be used to clean your shoes.

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Meat tenderizer

Lean protein can be used to make a delicious and healthy meal, whether you are grilling a chicken or preparing a slow-cooked roast. You don’t want overcooked or dry food so place some banana peels on top of the meat during cooking. The banana peels absorb the oils and moisture in the meat, keeping it moist and supple.

Add banana skin to your roasting pan to keep your steak tender and moist. By doing this, your roast will stay moist and full of flavor while in the oven. The banana peel acts as a blanket to protect your meat from moisture vaporization.

Simple composting – potassium banana peels

A banana peel can be added to your compost pile to increase calcium, magnesium, and phosphates; vital for healthy plant growth.

  • Reduce the banana peels into smaller pieces.
  • Place the banana skins underneath the plant you wish to fertilize, ideally near the roots.
  • Allow the soil to settle on the top of the plant by watering it immediately.

A few banana peels are a good investment if you plan to grow tomatoes. Tomatoes love banana peels. Once you have planted your tomatoes, wrap some banana peels around their stems. Or roast a few and then stick them in the soil.

Banish Garden Bugs – Banana Peels Contain Potassium

Aphids can be a severe problem for your garden. You can make the pests go away by placing a few banana peel pieces around the base of your plants. Your garden will be pest-free in no time, thanks to the potassium found in the banana peel.

15 Surprising Uses For Bananas and Banana Peels

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