Best Tips For Healthy Living In 2021

To most people, healthy living means having a good physical condition- a healthy body, fitness, and a well-functioning metabolic system.

Today, in this pandemic situation, everything is a mess. We are trying our best to get back to normal days, but let’s be honest, we will not experience such good times like 2018 for a long time. So, we have to adapt to our surroundings. Our immunity system is what is keeping us away from the gates of misery. Thus, the most important thing right now is health.

To most people, healthy living means having a good physical condition- a healthy body, fitness, and a well-functioning metabolic system. Now, our brain and body need to work together for our survival and proper functioning, right? So then, how can you count out mental health or fitness while determining the condition of your overall health?

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Healthy living means maintaining a proper balance between physical and mental health, resulting in the proper functioning of the body. For example, if one is fit and has good physical fitness but is anxious and confused all the time, that person, in no world, can not be called fit.

So if we want to call ourselves healthy, we have to make sure about our physical and mental wellbeing. Here are the best tips for healthy living in 2021

Proper Diet and Nutrition

The most important thing for every living being is food. So, to maintain a proper health condition, you need to maintain a proper diet full of essential nutrients.

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Basic Tips For Healthy Living In 2021:

  • Eat three meals every day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Add fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains to your diet.
  • Have lean meats- fish, beans, poultry, eggs, and nuts.
  • I prefer having food with low saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium.
  • Healthy snacks are green light only if consumed in small proportions.
  • Avoid junk and street food.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Let’s talk about the antagonists.

Alcohol and Tobacco

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You might be familiar with the harmful side effects of alcohol and tobacco. If not, have a look-

  • Lung cancer
  • Atherosclerotic- heart attacks, strokes
  • Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumonia
  • Liver cancer, muscle wasting, mental problems

So, if you don’t smoke and consume alcohol, then you are good to go, but if you do, here’s a brief on how to quit these habits.

Quitting smoking is a hard process and a long one too. However, one can use nicotine gums and patches to help them through this phase. You can join sessions and take help from family to stop alcohol consumption. The most important thing you need is determination. Everything is up to you, and reading articles won’t help if you don’t take action.

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Physical Exercise

Physical exercise contributes the most to our healthy living. Unfortunately, most of us are spending the majority of time inside our houses. That is making us lazy and inactive. We have to use our bodies, and by not doing that, we are hitting rock bottom. A machine has to be used on a minimum basis to ensure its well functioning and the same for humans.

Basic Tips:

  • The goal should be a minimum of 30 minutes of light exercise every day.
  • One can start with 10 minutes of exercise and build it up to 30 overtime.
  • Start with some stretching.
  • Followed up by cardio- skipping, running, etc
  • Over time, get in some crunches, situps, and push-ups if you want to get in shape faster.

Mental Health

Mental health is the real deal. If you are happy and satisfied, you can do the rest of the above things with ease. But, unfortunately, in this COVID-19 struck the world, most people face mental problems like depression, anxiety, over-thinking.

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Here’re some tips to help you out of these.

  • Get enough sleep (7-9 hours)
  • Go for short walks.
  • Talk to people as much as possible.
  • Don’t take too much stress.
  • Do meditation, take help from watching videos of BK Shivani.
  • The thing I do every day is I wake up and tell myself, “I am happy and content, and I got all the time in the world.”

Stay safe, have a good day.

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