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Book Review: Rieva Lesonsky's "Start Your Own Business" book is the best place to start a new business. It is basically a compilation of Entrepreneur

Rieva Lesonsky’s “Start Your Own Business” book is the best place to start a new business. It is basically a compilation of Entrepreneur Magazine’s vast knowledge base regarding starting a business. Entrepreneur Press published the book.

This book guides you through every step of the business process, from determining if you have what it takes to manage a business to dealing with failure if it doesn’t succeed to everything in between. The best thing about the book? It covers almost everything in some capacity. It also suggests other reading and relevant websites if you require more information.

Start Your Own Business bt Rieva Lesonsky's - Book Review

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The book can be broken into seven sections, each with several chapters. The first section, “You Gotta Start Somewhere”, covers how to determine if you are able to be an entrepreneur, how you come up with an idea, and whether your business should be launched full-time or part-time. These questions will be answered by most people who purchase the book, but it is still helpful to go through the exercises.

The book’s second section is called “Building Blocks”. This section covers choosing a business name, creating a business plan, and hiring an accountant and lawyer. This section is my favorite. These are the issues that entrepreneurs often ignore or struggle with. I found the “Naming Your Business” chapter to be extremely helpful. Naming your business can be difficult. You need to take into account all registered trademarks, registered domain names, as well as names that are not trademarked. Picking a name already in use can be a bad idea and could lead to a legal battle.

The third section focuses on financing, including how and where to get it. The fourth section, “Setting the Stage”, covers many important topics such as choosing a business location, branding, providing credit to customers, hiring your first employees, and getting business insurance. All of these are essential for every business owner.

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The fifth section deals with buying company computers, mobile phones, and cars. Most business owners won’t find these tasks difficult. However, the sixth section covers marketing, one of the most challenging things for business owners. This section covers advertising, public relations, marketing, and advertising. It is almost 100 pages long. The book also touches briefly on web marketing, but anyone looking to make severe online profits will need to find something else.

The last section, titled ‘By the Books,’ covers the most important things for entrepreneurs – accounting and taxes. This section provides solid advice on basic bookkeeping, financial statements, and budgeting. This section and the list of web resources should be sufficient to help business owners get started in keeping their business legal.

This book is essential for all business owners. This book is a mini-encyclopedia, although 800 pages aren’t that small. It covers everything business-related. This book will save you hours. It was a book I had to read from cover to cover. I still refer to it daily—every person who has ever talked to me about starting a company I have recommended it. Every single one of them acquired it and came back to me ravening about it.

Start Your Own Business is the only start-up book You Will Ever Need by Rieva Leonsky is an excellent book. It is straightforward to read due to the depth of the information. The book is easy to understand for anyone over 16 years old. Although this book will not guarantee success as an entrepreneur, it will reduce your risk and provide you with a reliable foundation to build.

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