Eat a Peach – Book Review

Book Review: Eat a Peach isn't just a self-portrayal of an incredible inventive; rather, it's a convincing way of thinking of a man who puts stock in a lovely life far-off.

Author: David Chang

Genre: Memoir

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

Pages: 304

Price: $14

EAT A PEACH - Book Review

About The Author

David Chang is the chef and organizer of Momofuku. Since opening Momofuku Noodle Bar in NY City in 2004, he has been awarded with 6 James Beard Awards, comprising Outstanding Chef, and has been perceived as a Time, 100 honorees.

His cookbook, Momofuku, is a New York Times blockbuster. In 2018, David established Majordomo Media & instigated The Dave Chang Show podcast. He is the host of two Netflix unique narrative arrangements, Ugly Delicious and Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

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Book Review

The unveiling memoir from the star chef & restaurateur. It is uncalled-for to name Chang’s book as the Korean American Kitchen Confidential; however, the likenesses in tone and mentality positively summon the late Anthony Bourdain. Most likely most popular for his now-worldwide Momofuku culinary brand, the writer is no lolled as an author, with a style that includes a refreshingly resistant demeanor and the absolute best inessential commentaries since A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

Chang whisks readers by the means it takes to be a fruitful restaurateur, and he clarifies that there are not many endeavors harder to pull off. During his first years in the café exchange, the creator was the recipient of family cash, a reality that he isn’t afraid to concede: Chang’s dad gave him a liberal credit for his arrangement’s monetary establishments of cafés. ‘There were no expressions of remorse or genuine discussions, just the cash and the specifics of beginning a business,’ he composes. ‘[My father] was powerless. I was helpless. We were inclining toward each other, similarly as a family may.’

Following his initial achievement, Chang started showing up (he currently has his own show on Netflix). Obviously, there’s consistently a cost for progress. In the wake of moving to Australia and opening an eatery, he started to feel the pressure of dealing with his numerous worldwide culinary resources, and a hepatitis alarm in one of his cafés put his business in harm’s way.

Likewise, there’s the inescapable section on his addictions: The creator was a substantial consumer for quite a long time, and he also battled with outrage issues. In the long run, Chang’s diary turns into a buffet of arbitrary covered everything from pondering the ideal volume of the music in his cafés to his all-encompassing sessions with discouragement and nerves about his open-finished future in food. An engaging, outstandingly genuine self-evaluation of life in the foodie fast track.

Generally speaking, this book is simply OK. For the most part, I appreciate memoirs from ‘superstar culinary experts’ since I discover the eatery business from an external perspective to be convincing. Eat a Peach began extraordinary with the brief look into David Chang’s youth; however, the good ‘old days firing up his café was not as solid as I would see it.

It was by all accounts making an insincere effort narrating more than all else. That being said, in the end, there is a spectacular tale about a night Chang went through with the late, incredible Anthony Bourdain that is practically worth the cost of confirmation.

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Critic’s Views


In case you’re searching for a cookbook, this is an awful decision. In this, you will discover the formula for one of our most splendid, generally vivacious, capable, and moving Americans (who likewise turns out to be a gourmet specialist). David Chang is an extraordinary narrator with an incredible story to tell.


David Chang is one of the world’s most innovative culinary experts, yet it wasn’t clear he would turn into that. I was totally captivated by his longshot story, which he tells with enthusiasm, humor, and expertise. Try not to miss this fantastic diary!


Eat a Peach isn’t just a self-portrayal of an incredible inventive; rather, it’s a convincing way of thinking of a man who puts stock in a lovely life far-off. It is significantly satisfying to observe Chang walking tough, bit by bit, toward his superb vision. As Chang endures, wrath, and battles for his mission, we can’t resist the urge to appreciate his weakness, boldness, and conviction.

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