Fantasy And Ignorance. How Did We Get Here?

Believers are often children of fantasy and ignorance. Think about the idyllic world young people see when they are still innocent

Believers are often children of fantasy and ignorance. Think about the idyllic world young people see when they are still innocent and surrounded by love and happiness. Hear their laughter. They are like laughing gas and can cause the purest joy.

Fantasy And Ignorance

They say it is bliss to be ignorant because it doesn’t require us to know the limitations of reality, and thus the impossible of our fantasies. It’s the ultimate playground, where the mind can create a wonderland and build castles in the air. Because it allows us to believe what we want, it opens the door for the reigning of error. All that is possible is achievable, even if it is not confirmed until we find evidence. Santa Claus dies in our old age when we no longer feel young or green enough to be fooled by tall stories.

Despite being wise, we still have a risk. Our fantasies about the world below, which we can never fully know, and the beyond, are what we spontaneously believe. It is tempting to think that our health, relationships, career, and other aspects of our lives will be excellent or that death will not be a finality but rather a transition from this world to the paradisal afterlife. Many find it tempting to believe this when they meet a charismatic fortuneteller, spiritual leader, or another person who believes in the same belief. However, this belief is not supported by any evidence. The combination of fantasy and ignorance is what leads to our belief.

One example of self-deceit that affects young idealists is their elusive love for other sex members they don’t know. Perfect love is a lasting and complete harmony between two lovers on every level, including the psychological, intellectual, spiritual. It is friendship at a high level, as the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” indicate. It transcends and transforms lust.

Fantasy And Ignorance

This ideal is often expressed in pop songs, which attracts many young people. Young men are the ones I’m thinking about, as they tend to fantasize about young girls and fall madly in LOVE with them or with an unrealistic image of them. Their youthful ambitions and recklessness are reflected in their quickness. These young men can easily imagine that they have found their soul mate by exchanging smiles and nods with a few gentle words of agreement. They then begin to express their inner self, sense of what is right, true, sacred, or good. They are captivated by the beautiful young women and take them as their dream girls. There are a few false signs. Each charm can be a warning sign.

Society is often seen as a way to overcome individual limitations in our quest for happiness and survival. However, it can also be a difficult pill to swallow. Civility is a sugary coating that makes it easier to swallow. Thank those who express their discontent with dignity and add encouragement and a compliment to the conversation. No nagging, no gagging. Sometimes civility can be a barrier to honesty. It can lead to self-serving or well-meaning hypocrisy leading to servility by a combination of kindness and weakness or pure selfishness. Some people are kept in the dark and fooled. They should be living wisely and in the light of knowledge. They are denied the truth, which is the chance to see their actual situation and realize their purpose.

Many young men fall prey to the charms of beautiful young women, including the ones I mentioned earlier. Poor fish are tempted to take the bait and discover that they made a mistake like others in the same boat. The dream girls were typical maidens and vixens, who at first spoke and behaved infinitely sweetly and then became lovable or showed their temper.

Fantasy And Ignorance

Long intimacy is an excellent indicator of a couple’s genuine nature, striping relationships of their silky appearance. It is when seduction takes precedence over all other considerations. This illusion is deceptive and superficial, much like the outer layers in an onion. After a series of changes that led to a gradual return to naturalness, the skin is removed. Conflicts then ensue. It is revealed that the truth is not as it seems. There are many tears.

This is when many young fantasizers leave their partners. They start a new relationship until they are disillusioned, then dissolution and then begin a new one. In other areas of their lives, they do the same thing, setting high expectations and giving up when faced with difficulties. They don’t settle for less than perfection, and they never create anything.

After a series of failures, some of these fantasizers finally stop believing in this nonsense and become brave realists. They are different from other disenchanted people who surrender to laziness and abandon hope. They confuse their realistic attitude with defeatism and choose to accept nullity or mediocrity over fighting for excellence. It is impossible, not perfection. They believe that humans can only be at their best when they dream, just like swimming fish. Adaptable humans are closer to amphibians and fish than to humans. Humans can return to the earth without becoming frustrated and live happily if they combine struggle with resignation to bring joy and serenity.

Brave realists accept and acknowledge the limitations and conditions of happiness. It is precious because it comes at a high price and will eventually be lost. They understand that even though one can live a solitary existence for a while, it is essential to finally put in the effort to pursue a career, study, or relationship. A constant search for something better can only lead to nothing.

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