Misbehaviour (2020) – Movie Review

Misbehaviour (2020) Movie Review - 'Misbehaviour' is based upon the genuine story of the demonstration by the women's liberation movement during the Miss World pageant (1970) in London.


‘Misbehaviour’ is altogether too safe & highly appreciated; however, it advises us that a few things are as yet worth defending.

Misbehaviour (2020) Story

Set in 70s London, a gathering of ladies upset a beauty event.

Star cast

Keira Knightley as Sally Alexander

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Jennifer Hosten

Jessie Buckley as Jo Robinson

Greg Kinnear as Bob Hope

Lesley Manville as Dolores Hope (Bob’s wife)


Philippa Lowthorpe


Misbehaviour (2020) - Movie Review

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Misbehaviour (2020) Movie Review

‘Misbehaviour’ is based upon the genuine story of the demonstration by the women’s liberation movement during the Miss World pageant (1970) in London. The show was at that point confronting controversy about South Africa’s participation via two participants — one black & one white.

The night was additionally defaced before the broadcast competition even started however reached a critical stage when Bob Hope, the celebrity host, was pelted through flour bombs in front of an audience. The story rotates around several ladies.

Sally Alexander is an as of late, separated from a single mother, attempting to advance into University College London to learn history. Keira Knightley’s depiction flawlessly catches Sally as a lady conflicted between her own standards and family.

Then again, Jessie Buckley carries a troublemaker quality to the agitator Jo Robinson who is happy to take the necessary steps to make her voice heard. Gugu Mbatha-Raw presents a grounded performance as a wishful Miss Grenada, Jennifer Hosten, who views the pageant as a Launchpad for her objectives and desire. Lesley Manville’s downplayed take on the patient Dolores Hope is effective in her generally more modest role.

Misbehaviour (2020) – Official Trailer


As the Director weaves these different storylines around one another, the overlying narratives will, in general, turn out to be for some time drawn. Whilst this guarantees each point is given satisfactory load all through the film, the center act wanders, therefore. Nevertheless, the climax is bolting, if not a conclusive, call to women’s activist activity.

The film causes you to value what some courageous ladies have experienced to handle a man-centric society. More critically, it’s not difficult to perceive how far we’ve come towards equivalent rights for ladies yet, in addition, how much further we actually need to go.

For a movie with a particularly convincing title, ‘Misbehaviour’ winds up being altogether too protected and highly valued. Possibly it would not like to distance the male gender — unexpected thinking about its reason. However, the cast makes this an extraordinary watch, offering each character a convincing voice to advise us that a few things are as yet worth going to bat for.

Misbehaviour(2020) - Movie Review

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