My Ranking Top 5 Best Strategy Games For PC to Play in 2022

When it comes to Best Strategy Games For PC, there are tons of choices out there. Read on to discover Best Strategy Games For PC I'd recommend.

When it comes to Best Strategy Games For PC, there are tons of choices out there. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Company of Heroes 2, Into the Breach, and XCOM 2 are some of the most popular titles on the market today. Read on to discover why they’re so popular and which ones I’d recommend. If you’re a fan of the TV series Battlestar Galactica, Deadlock is an excellent choice.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Strategy games have long struggled to find fun in the mundane. While there is obviously great appeal in games like Imperialism or war, other strategy games often look like they could be a boring job. One game that breaks the mold is Stellaris, developed by Black Lab Games. In Stellaris, you control a civilization that discovers faster-than-light travel and starts a journey among the stars. You control your civilization’s resources, construction, and disposition of forces. You’ll find incredible space battles and intriguing lore in this game, available for PC and console.

The history of PC gaming stretches back several decades. Many titles released during the tech breakthrough of the 1990s showed great leaps of infidelity and ideation. The 1993 version of Syndicate, for instance, would probably be unplayable on today’s hardware. So, what’s next? You have to consider the game’s age and whether or not it still offers good replay value.

XCOM 2 is an excellent example of a great strategy game. It’s the sequel to the popular FTL. It’s a combination of guerilla tactics and mechs, but you’re not fighting the mechs directly. The goal is to destroy the enemy while minimizing their presence. If you do so, you’ll find yourself losing a million citizens – and that’s an unwise strategy.

If you like fast-paced battles, then Ashes of the Singularity is for you. The game’s massive maps will hold thousands of troops at a time, paving the way for epic battles. The Nitrous Engine brings new mechanics that allow you to strategize and maneuver on the battlefield. With all this, Ashes of the Singularity is one of the best PC strategy games.

Company Of Heroes

I love StarCraft II, a classic base-building RTS that tasks you with gathering resources, building armies, and killing your enemies. The PC version of Humankind from Amplitude is the latest contender for my Top 5 Best Strategy Games for PC in 2022. This worker placement score-rush game aims to be more refined and more realistic than its predecessor, but it doesn’t have the quality to make my Top 5.

The concluding installment in the Warhammer series, Warhammer III is an outstanding addition to the PC strategy genre. This game features all-new spells, weapons, and units to enhance your gaming experience. You can customize your units and use their unique skills to win battles. This strategy game has many unique elements that are sure to keep you busy for hours. If you’re looking for a PC game with plenty of depth, I recommend Warhammer III.

I love the fact that this game includes eight classes and countless tactical layers. I’m looking forward to playing it on May 5. XCOM2 is also highly regarded and considered a standard in the PC strategy game industry. The story follows a world that aliens have invaded, and human civilizations must save the planet from their invaders. But before you can play this game, be sure to try the demo to see how it feels.

Another great game is Men of War II, a WWII RTS with an online mode and narrative campaign. It will feature historically accurate weapons and will allow players to play as both Allied and Soviet forces. The game also features full mod support, allowing players to customize and create their own content. As for the release date, the game is scheduled for 2022. It’s definitely on my list for the next several years.

Into the Breach

In Into the Breach, you’re in a mech-driven turn-based strategy game, and the enemies are all mechs. As you advance through the levels, you must defend yourself from waves of Vek monsters. The game features tower blocks and sub-objectives and focuses on using your mech-punch attacks and artillery strikes to push enemies around and divert their attacks.

A tongue-in-cheek title, Diplomacy is Not an Option, is a good match. You play as a feudal lord whose castle is surrounded by a superior force. In this game, you take command of the defense forces to show the superior force who’s boss. It’s still in early access on Steam, but you can try out a demo, which lets you experience the first few levels.

My Ranking Top 5 Best strategy games for PC in 2022 should not be limited to war strategy titles. Games like Defcon offer abstract simulations of thermonuclear war, and the tension rises as you play. You will face bitter betrayals and desperate deals as you increase your DEFCON level. The game turns people into numbers and measures your victory by the number of megadeaths inflicted. Losing one million citizens costs you a point.

FTL: Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned veteran, FTL will keep you busy for months or even years. Its complex mechanics will require a certain amount of investment on your part. As a bonus, the game runs on any platform, and it has enough variety to keep you busy for years. In the coming years, we’ll be talking about how to beat this game.


XCOM 2 is a sci-fi strategy game that combines tactics with exploration. You control the Avenger, a spacecraft that carries alien supply ships and is responsible for saving comrades who have died in combat. You can research weapons and armor, upgrade your ships, and recruit new soldiers to your team. War of the Chosen DLC adds new classes and a more challenging enemy known as “The Chosen.” XCOM 2 is one of the best PC strategy games currently available.

Warhammer III is the culmination of the Warhammer series. This RPG will keep you engrossed for hours with all-new skills, weapons, and units. It will also let you customize your units and customize their abilities. While the game is not yet available on Xbox One, it will probably hit PCs before 2022. The game’s developer hasn’t revealed a release date yet, but they hope to release it before then.

Humankind: This RTS is a sequel to Civilization VI, and it’s hoping to challenge its predecessor, but it isn’t quite ready to make this list. Meanwhile, StarCraft II is an excellent base-building RTS game tasked with gathering resources, building armies, and killing enemies. You’ll have to make strategic decisions to protect your territory from the Cylon threat, but it’s an absolute must-have game for any fan of Battlestar Galactica.

My Ranking Top 5 Best strategy games for PC today are based on various elements. In addition to its countless features, Civilization VI has a full DLC that adds new systems to the game. The game’s new technologies and culture make it a highly diverse game with many ways to succeed. A plethora of new features will help it stand out from the rest.

StarCraft II

The best strategy games for PC aren’t all shooters; there are a variety of genres that are equally as addictive and rewarding. A recent remaster of StarCraft II is an excellent example of a classic multiplayer RTS. The game’s single-player campaign is varied, boasts beautiful cinematics, and offers noob-friendly co-op modes.

If you are looking for a game to play in the future, try XCOM 2. There are new soldier classes, new aliens, and more, all emphasizing replayability. This recasting puts you in control of a guerrilla army against aliens. Maps are procedurally generated to prevent predictable patterns and frequent random events that throw the players’ building and research orders off track. There are also mods for the game, so it’s worth checking out.

If you like abstract simulations of war, you might enjoy DEFCON. The game lets you control a spacefaring civilization, and you can also manage slave and vassal colonies. There’s even a mode where you can commit mass genocide. This makes the game much faster. Another great strategy game is Invisible, Inc., which takes place in a dystopian future where mega-corporations rule the world. They use a database to keep tabs on the citizens of their nation.

Another RTS that has gained momentum is Humankind, from Amplitude. The game seeks to rival Civilization VI but isn’t quite good enough to make the cut on this list yet. Another classic worker placement score-rush game is StarCraft II. In this game, you’re responsible for gathering resources, building armies, and killing enemies. In 2022, you’ll be able to take on your opponents in a new way.

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