The Four-Day Win – Book Review

Book Review: The 4 Day Win book has been a favorite of mine many times. I have re-implemented many of the strategies she describes over the years.

The Four-Day Win book has been a favorite of mine many times. I have re-implemented many of the strategies she describes over the years. Beck first discusses the subconscious mind’s willingness to follow the “eat less, move more” diet. There are various levels of acceptance for losing weight. You need to reach out to your Inner Self and get their approval to diet and finally eat less. It is not about having more willpower. It’s about the exact opposite. According to Back in the book’s first chapter.

The Four-Day Win - Book Review

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It doesn’t mean that The Four-Day Win will increase your willpower. It will help you have less. Your willpower can’t keep your body thin, but it is true. Willpower is the only thing that can retain you from becoming fatter. Traditional dieting is more complex than conventional diets, making it more important to reverse the psychological and physical damage done to your body and make you happy and thin. Did I mention this? This program will make you happy because you lose weight and because it’s a consistent one.

The Four-Day Win book is an excellent guide to balancing your mind with the actions that you want. So long as your inner self is saying “NO!” You cannot lose weight. She writes (in her humorous and tongue-in-cheek signature style) about how the brain works and includes studies that support various theories and personal experiences. Her writing is varied.

I highly endorse this book for anyone who has tried to lose weight but is having trouble finding the right way to do so. The Four-Day Win book is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the brain and subconscious mind. This book is for those who don’t understand the importance of being happy first and working within to achieve better results.

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Beck doesn’t recommend a specific diet, but she lets you choose the one that suits you best. Beck even offers a method to help you decide which diets will work your personality best. The Four-Day Win book is an exceptional resource for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the whole diet process.

It is highly advised that you read the entire book and learn some of her strategies in half the book before getting into diet mode, including meditating and Watcher Mode, lists of gratification, and lists of gratification. Beck offers a quick route to reading and diet, but it is not a good option if you perceive that you have tried everything and nothing worked. You should read the book with an open mind and consider how each strategy might work for you.

The Four-Day Win book is not about losing weight; it’s a journey to a better self, based on the science of the mind.

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