The Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Supplements

The most common Food supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, probiotics, fiber, and fatty acids. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Supplements

The most common dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, probiotics, fiber, and fatty acids.

The nutritional quality of food is affected by production methods, the duration of its storage, and the modalities of its transport, particularly for so-called ‘fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, essential vitamins and minerals such as selenium may degrade over time to become less and less available in supermarket foods.

Nutritional supplements are typically used as a preventative health measure to help relieve specific medical symptoms or even as an anti-aging measure. Research conducted in 2008 by the Food Standard Agency in the United Kingdom suggests that around a third of Britons consume dietary supplements daily.

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Know The Risks

Manufacturers square measure chargeable for the safety of their merchandise. However, shoppers ought to watch out regarding the appropriateness of victimization of that merchandise and check that to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Whereas most dietary supplements square measure safe, some square steps are usually dangerous once taken in excess. In contrast, others may even be contraindicated with medical treatment or a particular medical condition … that is why it is usually best to hunt recommendations from your doctor or a health care supplier before beginning supplementation.

For example:

· Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A square measure hold on among the liver and fatty tissue and will be dangerous if overdosed, particularly throughout physiological conditions.

· Omega-3s square measure fatty acids that facilitate skinny the blood. They need to be avoided once taking treatment against curdling.

· Vitamin B3 (Niacin) will cause redness on the skin.

· Too many antioxidants will cause the looseness of the bowels.

Some supplements might interfere with medical treatment’s effectiveness (e.g., grapefruit merchandise might speed up or hamper the metabolism of bound medicine among the liver).

Dietary supplements aimed toward weight loss will cause unpleasant facet effects.

For example:

· Supplements that speed up the metabolism will cause palpitations.

· Products that forestall fat absorption interfere with the absorption of excellent fatty acids and cause the bowels’ looseness.

· Laxatives will affect the absorption of essential nutrients and interfere with gut performance.

Who Can Benefit From Food Supplements?

Food supplements are helpful for individuals whose diet is light to satisfy the requirements of 1 or additional nutrients.

For example:

  • Growing kids and adolescents will have the benefit of supplementation with metallic elements and essential fatty acids.
  • Pregnant ladies square measure suggested requiring pteroylglutamic acid to scale back the danger of congenital disabilities.
  • People susceptible to anxiety will take a vitamin B complex, C, and atomic number 30 supplement. They promote the correct functioning of the adrenal, which is especially stressed in stress or overwork.
  • Smokers lose a large number of antioxidants (about 250 mg per cigarette).
  • Vegetarians and vegans might realize it troublesome to confirm the adequate intake of the vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, atomic number 30, and iodine from their diet.
  • Serious athletes will benefit from AN inhibitor and supermolecule / amino alkanoic acid supplements to reduce cell harm and promote recovery.

Antioxidants (such as lutein) square measure are usually counseled for older individuals to maintain eye health. They’ll conjointly have the benefit of a maidenhair tree for mental alertness and memory, glucosamine, and chondroitin for bone and gristle health, ginger to assist in combating the results of adulthood.

During the winter months, that square measure is susceptible to virus transmission; antioxidants are useful for everybody. It’ll not stop you from obtaining sickness. However, it’s believed to scale back the period and severity of infections considerably, particularly once taken along with atomic number 30 and genus Echinacea purpurea.

Some Advice

Never consider food supplements to be a meal replacement. As their name suggests, they have no other vocation than to supplement or enrich the nutrients you naturally find in a balanced diet.

Always follow the recommendations accompanying the product or given by a healthcare professional.

  • Take special care to ensure that supplements and their dosages are suitable and safe for children before giving them.
  • Never take a food supplement because it is claimed to cure or prevent disease.
  • Cheap food supplements are a bad idea. If they are made with poor quality additives and ingredients, you might as well not take them at all.
  • I prefer reputable manufacturers and buy from specialty stores if possible.

Above all, seek advice from your doctor, nutritionist, or healthcare professional, especially if you have any medical problems or are undergoing treatment.

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