The Alpine Encounter: Classic Game Review

The Alpine Encounter, a graphics adventure game in IBIDS' VODAC Adventure Series, is the first. Classic Game Review - The Alpine Encounter.

The Alpine Encounter, a graphics adventure game in IBIDS’ VODAC Adventure Series, is the first. You will find some background information and a Telegram from Freedman, your boss, as you open the box.

The Alpine Encounter gameplay (PC Game, 1985)

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Two men broke into the Peking Imperial museum and stole a vase that belonged to the first Ming Dynasty. Six thousand miles away, at a military base in the Rockies, another pair of men broke into a secure area of the base and took a large blue envelope with the message “Stealth Missile” written on it. They flew in a helicopter to escape from the installation.

Your boss will then bring you back to the present by sending the following message. Agent 456, you must immediately fly to Alpenberg and check into the Ski Resort. Agent 487 will contact you regarding VODAC’s involvement in a conspiracy that would grant VODAC world dominance. Agent 487 is working as an exchange student at the resort. Your mission will take you only 12 hours.

You will be standing in front of the Ski Resort as you boot your disk. Check-in at the front desk first; otherwise, you won’t be able to wander the hotel looking for clues if you don’t check-in at the front desk. The hotel is only open to paid guests. You will meet the main characters at various points throughout the game. Be friendly with them and ask questions. Interviewing characters is the only way to uncover the truth, solve the mystery, and foil VODAC. You might also want to visit the hotel’s newsstand to purchase a newspaper.

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After finding the hotel (or mapping it), you will probably want to practice your ski skills at the animated sequence. You don’t need to be able to ski in order to play the game. You can choose from either a beginner or an expert slope at the start of the run. It was a refreshing change in pace and made even more interesting by the fact you were being shot down the slope.

The ski chalet is located just a short distance from the slope. There are two options: you can ski there or be taken there by a medical professional like me (I didn’t make it down far enough to crash into a tree). Pay attention to the radio in the radio room when you search the ski chalet.

One of the game’s best features is the ability to influence the plotline through your interactions with characters. These subtle changes can alter the timing of events, but they add a bit of uncertainty to the story.

The Alpine Encounter is a game for intermediate levels. It features detailed graphics that are similar to those found in other graphic adventure games. The animation ski sequence was well integrated into the story. The character interaction was significant and allowed you to follow the other around. Sometimes it felt like there was more to the action than a computer controlling it.

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