The Burning Crusade (TBC), Classic WoW Gold Guide, and Ways

The World of Warcraft, also known as the Burning Crusade, is just around the corner. WOW Classic TBC is a lot different than the World of Warcraft Classic.

The World of Warcraft, also known as The Burning Crusade, is just around the corner. There are still 6 days to go before TBC Classic’s release. WOW Classic TBC is a lot different than the World of Warcraft Classic. One of these changes is that WOW Classic Gold for sale farming will have a new class balance. This article will help you to find the best class to farm TBC Classic Gold and make more money with this expansion.

The Burning Crusade (TBC), Classic WoW Gold Guide, and Ways


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Auction House

Item flipping is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in the game. It’s passive. It’s that easy. It takes only 10 minutes per day to set up passive income opportunities that can grow over time.

You will earn more in 10 minutes per day than you could in an hour of any other part of the game, excluding a random drop. The only problem is that you need to be able to predict server demand,

average price ranges, price behavior, and where your server is going.

It requires experience. You see, it’s only for those who have wild titles or mounts. You need to ensure that you are trading at a profit margin of 10% and with sufficient volume to avoid losing too much. You must also ensure that your product can be sold back to the market after it is listed. You’ll

be left with a product that is dropping in price, and the auction house

will have to pay additional fees if you are unsuccessful.

This method is highly dependent on the experience of the pilot. I

strongly recommend that you avoid this method if you are a player who

cannot guarantee their success on the marketplace and isn’t willing to


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Daily Quests

Many players have found daily quests to The Burning Crusade a blessing. They’ll also be able to get WoW classic gold faster. There are more than 45 daily quests. Daily quests are short and easy to complete, making them easier to carry if they’re planning on doing them in a series. Although the amount of gold a player receives from daily quests is smaller than dungeons, they take much longer and require players to have good gear. Daily quests are easier to access for beginners and new gamers, even those who have just started their first TBC playthrough.

12 Things You Need To Know Before Phase 2 Releases – Classic TBC

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Prioritize Certain Skills

If players want to earn gold quickly, there are a few skills they should prioritize. These skills include Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, and Leatherworking. For players who enjoy raiding, leatherworking is a great skill to improve. They can create Rugged Leather, which is a material often used by raiders. You can also mix and match leather items. Alchemy players can create potions that can alter or enhance their character. These potions include elixirs and flasks that are made with a cauldron. They are challenging to find suitable materials, so the cost of consumables is high. Jewelcrafting, which is the art of creating gems, is last but not least. A player who excels at Jewelcrafting can sell their gems for high prices, especially if they use the Mythril Ore.


Ravager Flesh, Clefthoof Meat, Warped Flesh, Raptor Ribs, Serpent Flesh

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Furious Crawdad is the best meat for level cooking, but it’s difficult to farm, which will be a great seller—a low drop chance farm in Terrokar forest, starting at 325+ fishing.

Both the enormous Barbed Gill Trout (and the huge Spotted Feltail) are fish that you shouldn’t throw away. These fish are good for cooking endgame recipes. As the game progresses, it will increase in value.

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