The European Super League: End Of Football?

What is the super league? Europe's top football clubs came together as the founding members to host a mid-week the Super League competition

What is the super league?

Twelve of Europe’sEurope’s top football clubs came together as the founding members to host a mid-week competition known as the Super League. Imagine Barca, Real, Man City, Liverpool, and the other top dogs clashing week and week out.

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Real Madrid CF’s President, Florentino Perez, is the chairman of the Super League. He and the newly formed board presented their proposal to UEFA and FIFA in a meeting hosted in the 2nd week of April. FIFA and UEFA did not completely agree with their terms. They declared that the players who would participate in the Super League would not be able to participate in the World Cup or any events hosted by UEFA. The Premier League declared the same for the participating English clubs.

Oh! What a delight that would have been, except for the fact that it would have destroyed football. The winners of this tournament would get 400 million euros! Winning the UCL earns a team around 150 million. Infact, not only the winners, all the participants would get much money. This will disrupt the leagues and exploit the financial fair-play.

Format and Participants

Yes, the top teams competing every week sounds good and all, but as I said, if the Super League happens, it will be football’s end. Things will be back the way they were before, Football-the sport of the RICH. The suggested format is absolutely bizarre!

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There will be 15 fixed teams and five empty spots, making the tournament a 20 team competition. 12 of the 15 teams being Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter, AC Milan, Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham, had signed with the Super League. God knows how Arsenal and Tottenham found their way in the tournament. This league is supposed to be composed of historically rich teams. Yet, teams like Ajax, Napoli, Sevilla, Celtic are not among the founding members. Yes, these teams are not there, and Tottenham and Arsenal are.

What went wrong?

As expected, the fans went crazy and took it to the streets. In Chelsea, during their match against Brighton( April 21), fans came in large numbers outside the stadium to protest against Chelsea’s participation in the Super League. Things went so bad that Petr Čech had to come out and confront the people. Within a few hours, Chelsea declared that they would not participate in the Super League.

Within that day, all the English clubs, followed by the Italian clubs, went aloof of the Super League. Atletico Madrid also took off, and only Barca and Real remain. Barcelona President said that they would come to a conclusion after discussing with the socis of the club. Their participation also seems unlikely. So will we not see the Super League happening? Will it be the league that lasted for 48 Hours? That’s good for football but wait; there’s more.

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid CF’s President, and Super League’sLeague’s chairman, recently said in an interview that the contract which the clubs signed states “no one who has signed for participation can leave.” So, the drama continues…

Let’s say the Super League will not happen. The odds are not in favor of the super league. Did you see the new tournament format of UCL, which is to be followed from the 2024/25 season? Well, here it is.

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UEFA is making the Champions League their own Super League. All they see is money. No one can blame them or the clubs but the pandemic. The pandemic put everyone in bad financial situations. The Super League could have been their savior, but it seems it will not happen. Let’sLet’s see what the future holds. I don’t think UEFA will be able to start the new format because the fans will rise to the occasion and save football AGAIN.

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