The Midnight Library – Book Review

Book Review: the midnight library book is a totally exquisite perused! A pleasant novel for when you need to sit tight for a train.

Author: Matt Haig

Genre: Novel

Publisher: Viking

Pages: 304

Price: $20

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig - Book Review

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Book Review

Rarely do you read a book where you realize straight off that the principal character is going to perish? In any case, that is the thing that we’re told in the initial lines of The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

Nora Seed’s life began to self-destruct in secondary school, and by the age of 35, she’s lost her folks, her fantasies, her work, her feline, and her will to live. At the point when her second thoughts become so devastating that she chooses to take her life, Nora gets herself not dead, but rather the lone guest in an immense library loaded with unending racks of green books.

Each book addresses a potential everyday routine she could be experiencing. With the bookkeeper’s assistance, Mrs. Elm, Nora attempts to fix her second thoughts and locate the ideal life.

We track with Nora as she moves from that dull where she accepts demise is the solitary answer, towards a position of acknowledgment. As she attempts to cancel her second thoughts by living in substitute ways, she understands that she isn’t the reason for each terrible thing that has occurred in her life. That occasionally stuffs simply occurs, we can’t transform it, and that is OK. That life doesn’t need to be wonderful to be acceptable.

As Nora lives through numerous ‘imagine a scenario where?’ lives, I appreciated seeing her discover that she had been all in all correct to abandon dreams that were never hers in the first place. Had she longed for going to the Olympics, or was that actually her dad’s fantasy? Had she truly needed to claim that bar in the country with the life partner she abandoned two days before the wedding or was it his fantasy?

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I additionally delighted in the small amounts of library humor. Envision a library where each and every book is green, yet the bookkeeper is so astonishing she knows the book you need is on the 11th column, the third rack from the base — that is a curator specialist not too far off!!

Partially through, I got a little irritated that Nora met another person who could investigate their other potential lives. It reminded me immediately, not just of the shrewd leaper in Quantum Leap yet also of Hendrich, a character in Matt Haig’s previous book How to Stop Time.

I was concerned that the story was getting trite, exaggerated. In any case, fortunately, that character showed up, and Nora’s story wended its eccentric path on, through her second thoughts and dreams and boundless variants of herself.

Matt Haig is open about his own battle with nervousness and sadness, including his consideration of self-destruction. He has additionally composed Reasons to Stay Alive, a true-to-life book incited by his own encounters.

By all accounts, The Midnight Library could be a fairly discouraging perused. Yet, I have discovered it interesting, eccentric, and eventually invigorating. On the off chance that you have at any point thought about what may have been in the event that you’d recently stayed with it or said yes to that date, that work, that experience, I’m certain you will appreciate this book!

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Critic’s Views


This book is a totally exquisite perused! It came to me enthusiastically suggested, and I will do likewise for you. Understand it. It left me feeling cheerful—as though every lament I’ve at any point had implies not exactly the following decision I may make. I’m not doing it equity by any means — simply plunk down with this book and read it.


An accommodating and cheerful story. It seemed like it was somewhat hurried in the composition, not as clean as past works. An intriguing reason, however provided me the opportunity to stop and think for thought. How would we prepare for lament so that we can carry on with a significant life?


I think the title says everything. Some intriguing thoughts, however, were nothing momentous for me. A pleasant novel for when you need to sit tight for a train.

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