The Queen of Nothing – Book Review

Book Review: Generally speaking, I'm giving The Queen of Nothing an 8/10 stars. An exciting mix of cultured betraying, Faerie legend, and harmful fascination whirls together in the spin-off of The Cruel Prince...

Author: Holly Black

Genre: Novel

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for You

Pages: 336

Price: $11.69

THE QUEEN OF NOTHING by Holly Black - Book Review

About The Author

Holly Black is the top-rated creator of contemporary imaginary novels for youngsters and kids, comprising The Folk of the Air trilogy, Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale, and the no: 1 New York Times smash hit Spiderwick series.

She has been a qualifier for the Eisner Award and the Andre Norton Award & Mythopoeic Award’s beneficiary. Holly resides in Massachusetts with her significant other, Theo, in a home with a private library. Her site is

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Book Review

Broken folks, convoluted families, sorcery, and faerie governmental issues: Black’s back. After the turbulent completion of the last volume (marriage, oust, and the appearing breakdown of every one of her plots), Jude winds up in the human world, which needs claim regardless of a youth spent yearning to return.

The cost of her childhood turns out to be clear: A human brought up in the multihued, diverse, consistently eccentric Faerie High Court by the one who slaughtered her folks, prepared for interest and battle, selected to a government agent association, and at last the force behind the upset and the most recent High King, Jude no longer sees how to exist joyfully in a world that isn’t brimming with enchantment and peril.

A request from her offended twin sends her covertly back to Faerie, where things quickly reach a boiling point with Cardan (ruler, adversary, love interest) and every one of the numerous political strands Jude has pulled on for as long as two volumes.

Fresh readers should return to The Cruel Prince (2018) to follow the intricacies—political and individual side plots proliferate — yet the armies of setting up fans will adore the entire richly portrayed, firmly plotted a set of three nearer.

Jude may be damaged and genuinely unfortunate, yet she’s a screw-up worth giving a shout-out to. There are not many actual depictions of people and some eccentric portrayals. Regardless of whether you came for the legend or the affection, flawlessness.

Usually, the depictions and imagination of this arrangement proceed all through Queen of Nothing. Part of the explanation I adore Holly’s work so much is on the grounds that she has such countless gestures and inferences to fantasies and folklore, and I thought this was wonderfully created all through the set of three.

You can tell there’s a ton of exploration gone into it, and each new locating of a faerie animal, each new portion of information, made my toes twist with joy.

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Normally as well, the characters were a major draw for me. Jude’s aggressive nature is so incredible on the grounds that it truly works with the story. It’s both a blemish and a shelter. That she’s continually getting a handle on for more is one reason I love her, and furthermore, one reason I regard her character.

Really frequently, goal-oriented characters seem to be basically scheming and unlikeable. In one way or another, Holly figures out how to make us cheer for Jude, despite the fact that she’s manipulative and computing.

Generally speaking, I’m giving The Queen of Nothing an 8/10 stars. I thought the story was elegantly composed and delightful, and I adored perceiving how Jude took care of everything all through the account. Yet, I was somewhat baffled that Cardan appeared to be Out of Character for most of the book, and it seemed like his character circular segment was constrained to end the book.

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Critic’s Views


Lavish, risky, a dark gem of a book. Black’s reality is inebriating, pervaded with a tireless feeling of danger that kept me bolted through each part of Jude’s excursion. Also, Jude! She is a courageous woman to adore – daring yet realistic, absolutely human. This delectable story will entice you and leave you frantic for only one more page.


A hazardous excursion loaded up with a secret, selling out, interest, and romance… Overwhelming activity in a realm crammed with narcissistic, evil, and controlling characters likewise gives out genuine issues.


An exciting mix of cultured betraying, Faerie legend, and harmful fascination whirls together in the spin-off of The Cruel Prince… Black’s composing is both contemporary and exemplary; her reality is, now, seriously all-around acknowledged so that some unexpected developments appear to be practically unavoidable.

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