Video Games Don’t Contribute to Violence in Real Life – They May Reduce It

The rate of violence in real life is not affected by video games. Television shows, magazines, books, radio programs, and television program

The rate of violence in real life is not affected by video games. Television shows, magazines, books, radio programs, and television programs are all reflections of society. Videogame companies make a lot of money. Video game companies could produce more family-friendly titles if people didn’t buy violent games.

Game Theory: Do Video Games Cause Violence? It’s Complicated

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There are many uses for video games:

  • You can use them as entertainment;
  • To reduce stress or provide a safe outlet for anger;
  • To improve hand and eye coordination;
  • Video games are great for the brain.

These games are better than watching sitcoms on TV.

Video games can be used to release frustration and pressure. This holds true for both teens and adults as well. Maybe a frustrated employee could focus his anger on characters on TV instead of his real-life colleagues to make things better. Instead of joining a gang to feel self-respect, a teenager could join a role-playing game that gives him a sense of purpose without resorting to violence.

Video Games are not a Contributing Factor to Violence in Real-Life; They Can Actually Decrease It

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Because it gives young people a sense that they are important in the world, video games are a good choice. They are subject to peer pressure and have adult authority figures telling their decisions. At home, they also have parents who dictate what they do. You can give your kids the chance to conquer the world, solve a seemingly serious problem or create something impossible in real life.

Gaming is mainly for entertainment but also to exercise my cognitive abilities. While I spend most of my day in front of a screen, I also have interactions with people. But sometimes, I want to stimulate my senses through intense gaming experiences. It is almost like being in a movie, but the new systems make it more real.

Video Games Don’t Cause Violent Behavior

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Modern video games allow people to get more exercise. A motion sensor controller is included in the Xbox or Nintendo Wii, allowing users to swing their arms like they’re swinging a golf ball or punch and jab in the Wii Sports game. Exercise can reduce stress. Video games can be a great stress reliever. Adding violent games to your pack could only make the violent situation in real life worse.

Violence is not a technological problem; it’s a human problem. Comic books existed before video games. Is it possible to say that comic books are a significant contributor to violence in society? I don’t think so.

Imagine if a frustrated adult took a gun to work and played a shooter at home. You can imagine elderly adults playing video games to enhance their cognitive abilities. Video games aren’t just for kids anymore become an entertainment option for everyone.

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