What is a Cryptocurrency? What’s the Cryptocurrency Advantage?

What is a Cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used to trade goods and services electronically. Bitcoin was the first crypto

A cryptocurrency, also known as the cryptocurrency of Saxon, is a virtual currency used to trade goods and services electronically. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be traded in 2009. Since then, many other currencies have been created, including Ripple, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

What is Cryptocurrency? A Simple Explanation

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What’s the Cryptocurrency advantage?

The difference between a cryptocurrency to the money in a ticket, you will see the difference:

  • They are decentralized: meaning they are not controlled or managed by any bank, government, or financial institution.
  • They are International: Everyone can sing with them
  • You can remain anonymous: when you make transactions
  • There are no intermediaries: transactions are done from person to person
  • They are safe: Your crypto coins are yours, and you can only have them. They are kept in your personal wallet with non-transferable code that you only know
  • Fast transactions: To send money overseas, they charge interest, and sometimes it takes days for confirmation. With cryptocurrencies, however, it takes just a few minutes.

Cryptocurrency Transactions that cannot be reversed

You can exchange bitcoins or any other virtual currency for any foreign currency. Because they are encrypted using a sophisticated cryptographic method, it is impossible to fake them.

Contrary to currencies, electronic currencies are subject to the oldest market rule: supply and demand. It currently has a market value of over 1000 dollars. Like stocks, it can fluctuate in supply and demand.

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Where did Bitcoin come from?

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009, the first cryptocurrency to be created. He launched a new currency.

The unique thing about it is that it only allows you to perform operations within a network of networks.

Bitcoin can be described as both the currency and protocol that it uses, along with the red P2P upon which it depends.

What is Bitcoin, then?

Bitcoin is an intangible and virtual currency meaning that you cannot touch it in the same way you would with coins and bills. However, you can use it to pay for goods or services in the same manner as those.

You can monetize your money with an electronic debit page in some countries that allows you to make money with cryptocurrencies such as XAPO. For example, there are more than 200 bitcoin terminals in Argentina.

Decentralization makes Bitcoin unique from other currencies and virtual payment methods like Amazon Coins, Action Coins, and others. Bitcoin is not under the control of any government, institution, or financial entity.

Bitcoin controls the real, indirectly through their transactions, users through exchanges, P2P (Point to Point/Point to Point). Because of this structure, it is impossible for anyone to manipulate the value of Bitcoin or inflate its quantity. It is produced and valued according to the law of supply-demand. Fascinating detail about Bitcoin is that it has a limit of 21 million coins. This limit will be reached by 2030.

What is the value of a Bitcoin?

We have already mentioned that the price of Bitcoin is determined by supply and demand. The algorithm used to calculate the value of Bitcoin uses a method that measures the number of transactions and transactions made with Bitcoin in real-time. The current price of Bitcoin is 48,010.12 USD (as of August 15, 2021), but this is not less stable than the currency that is most volatile in the foreign exchange market.

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