What is the Singularity Alternative? Infinite Space?

Do We Live In An Infinite Universe? There is infinite space, all directions, made up of dark matter. The expanding universe is being driven

The Big Bang Theory has been a topic of interest to me many times. It is the favorite theory about the origin of the universe. Everything is moving away when we look into space. It stands to reason that the universe was created as an explosion. Everything ends up in the same central mass if you turn the clock backward. The outbreak is the birth of the universe. Everything spreads, and the universe we know begins to evolve.

What is the Singularity Alternative: Infinite Space

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Another problem, in theory, was the possibility that parts of the universe far from each other have the same temperature, which was also solved by claiming that the universe was once small and came into existence. Then, inflation followed, resulting in the uniform temperatures that we see in the cosmic background radiation. It could also result in a uniform cooling space due to a reaction that ripped through an existing medium rather than expanding space.

My thoughts are that the early universe could have been made up of only dark matter. There was no energy or anything. Nothing existed. Who knows what gravity does to dark matter. It is known that gravity impacts matter, but this observational evidence is not enough. Because there isn’t enough visible matter, Dark Matter can solve this problem. Dark energy could be nothing but a leftover from an event that created the universe, meaning that only the Dark Material existed before the universe was known. The known universe and dark energy came later.

Do We Live In An Infinite Universe? Featuring Paul Sutter

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This is my hypothesis. There is infinite space, all directions, made up of dark matter. Some instability caused some matter to become unstable, resulting in free energy. These quantum particles cooled and formed the first particles of Hydrogen. The formation of the universe today is due to Hydrogen beginning to come together through gravity. Galaxy clusters form along filaments that have large voids between them. All this is possible within a medium made up of leftover dark matter.

The expanding universe is being driven by the pure dark matter universe, which exists outside of this expanding chain reaction. We have some dark matter reacting with the energy to create free energy and some dark energy left over. Because of the gravitational effect of dark matter, the energy is transformed into matter. The universe is expanding faster than ever before, allowing us to answer the question about the universe’s expansion without needing to see a singularity. It is expanding into the existing dark matter universe, being the universe in which our matter universe continues to form the dark matter universe. It’s free energy from dark matter.

Is this possible? I don’t know. Because I have difficulty seeing beyond the universe’s boundaries, I wouldn’t say I like the singularity. Assuming that our universe results from a random reaction within an existing medium, it doesn’t expand into anything. It exists in a vast, infinite background that has always existed. It could be a valid form or a growing inside.

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