What Should You know about Canada PR?

Are you thinking of going to Canada for your future? Have you always been inquisitive about this country? Then why not simply try your...

Are you thinking of going to Canada for your future? Have you always been inquisitive about this country? Then why not simply try your hand at it? Who knows you actually get permanent residency in Canada in the times to come? If you are an Indian, it could even interest you that Canada is the most preferred country when speaking of applying for Permanent Residency Visa.

What you should know is the flexible immigration policies, the cultural variety, career opportunities, democratic standards and multiple communities in Canada attract thousands of fellows to apply for Permanent Residency Visa in this country.

Now, you must be thinking about what are the rules, procedures and formalities to apply for Canada right? You must check with canada immigration Dubai

and ensure that you take their expert guidance. You know to get the PR visa in Canada, you need to apply in any of the well-known and point based type of Canada immigration programs. When you have all the documents filed properly and you do things timely; you can immigrate to that country without any hassles.

What to know about Canada permanent visa?

A Permanent Residency or PR Visa holder in Canada is a person who is not really a Canadian Citizen, however, has been given the Permanent Resident Status after he has settledin Canada. For example, the international workers or students in Canada temporarily are not taken as permanent residents. A permanent student has the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) indicating that he/she is a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Perks of PR in canada

Plentiful perks are there if you get PR in Canada. Have a quick peep below:

  • You can Live, work or simply do studies anywhere in Canada
  • Can try for the Canadian Citizenship
  • You will experience the health care and most of the many other social perks that every Canadian Citizen gets.
  • You are going to be guarded as per the Canadian law as well as Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Documents you need to apply for Canada

  • Sufficient fund’s evidence to support application
  • ECA -Educational Credential type of Assessment
  • Copies, Originals as well as official translations of the documents supportive of the application. Other than all this, diplomas, educational degrees and even education certificates, personal identification documents, the sponsor letters as well as pertinent information
  • Skills assessment test
  • Results of Language Test (IELTS etc.)
  • Additional fees
  • Varied documents based on the diverse categories of visa .

Ways to get PR in Canada

Plenty of programs or categories available, applying under which one can fetch you permanent residency in Canada. A couple of these programs are like:

  • Different Self-employed Persons Program
  • The Skilled immigrants Program :Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program :PNP
  • Different sponsorship programs


To sum up, at any time of you applying VISA for Canada, if you find yourself stuck, talk to experts like canadaimmigrationconsultantsinDubai. They would guide you and make sure your immigration is done smoothly.

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