When it is not controlled, anxiety can become a disorder

Anxiety can be a normal reaction to help a person deal with stressful situations. Anxiety can become a disorder if it becomes so severe that

It’s normal to feel anxious. Anxiety is a sensation that we feel when confronted with a problem or situation. We worry about meeting a deadline we cannot meet, ore study hard for final exams.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is just like other emotions such as fear, anger or sadness, and helps people cope with their current situation. It is common and plays a vital role in a person’s ability to adapt to and survive.

When anxiety becomes a disorder?

When anxiety becomes too much and causes excessive fear or worry about daily activities can become a disorder.

Are many types of psychological and emotional problems. Below are some examples of different types of emotional and mental problems:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder refers to an overly optimistic view of a particular situation. It can cause excessive anxiety or unneeded worry, which can become alarmingly common. A nervous wreck may be a mother who anticipates all the financial and medical problems for her family—a worker worried about the work environment.

Panic Disorder refers to a sudden attack of terror that is associated with rapid heartbeats and sweating. People who experience panic attacks feel the threat of disaster approaching and lose control. Panic attacks can happen at any time, even while you’re asleep. It typically lasts about ten minutes, but it can take longer to return to normal in some cases. Panic disorder is not a common condition.

Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, can lead to extreme anxiety and self-consciousness in social situations. It is a real fear that others will judge you and make you look bad. This fear can become chronic and persistent, often lasting for several days or weeks before it becomes a frightening situation. This fear can cause problems at school, work, or other everyday activities and makes it challenging to create and maintain friends.

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According to the Anxiety Disorders Organization of America (ADA), “Social Anxiety Disorder” or “Social Phobia” is defined as a fear of being judged and criticized by others in social situations or work environments.SAD sufferers can feel “sick from fear” even in seemingly benign situations such as ordering food at a restaurant or calling someone.SAD sufferers are not able to control their anxiety, even though the fear is unfounded and exaggerated. They fear they might act in an embarrassing or humiliating manner. It can affect daily routines, occupational performance, or social life in a significant way. It can make it challenging for students to graduate, interview and get jobs, and create and maintain friendships and romantic relationships.

Sometimes, Social Anxiety Disorder can only be apparent in certain social activities like calling clients, giving speeches, or talking to clients. However, the person may feel completely at ease at other events.SAD can be selective in these situations. However, a more generalized type of SAD is when one experiences anxiety attacks during routine activities such as attending classes, business meetings, or talking with strangers.

Phobia refers to an excessive fear that something is dangerous or dangerous. The most common phobias include fear of heights, enclosed spaces, flying, dogs and snakes, and injuries involving blood. These aren’t just extreme fear but irrational fear. Adult patients will realize these absurd fears, but they find that dealing with the feared object or situation can cause anxiety attacks.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disease is persistent and characterized by obsessive thoughts (obsessions) and the need to perform rituals (compulsions). People who have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), have persistent, distressing thoughts (obsessions), and resort to rituals (compulsions), in order to manage the anxiety. Most often, routines are effective in controlling OCD.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) causes, symptoms & treatment

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Regular healthy people have rituals. For example, they check to make sure the stove is on several times before leaving home.OCD sufferers tend to be more obsessive about their habits than ordinary people and find it frustrating. While some people would admit that they do not understand what they are doing, most people, particularly children, don’t realize it is unusual.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder – (PTSD) is a condition that occurs after a tragedy that involves physical harm or the threat thereof. The person who has PTSD, a loved one, or a witness could be an injury victim.

Although PTSD was initially brought to the public’s attention by war veterans; it also can occur from other traumas like mugging or rape, torture and being kidnapped, held captive or taken hostage by child abusers, train wrecks, or plane crashes, bombings, natural disasters like floods or earthquakes.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders can generally be treated with either medication or psychotherapy. The severity of the case, as well as the individual’s preferences, will determine the treatment. Before you begin treatment, make sure to consult a doctor. Sometimes, anxiety disorders can be caused by coexisting conditions such as depression or alcoholism.

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